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Javed Hussain

Senior Advisor

Ajay Sikri

Senior Advisor

Tomas Csobonyei

Global Strategist and Business Development specialist

Joel George

Admin Manager

Bob Joseph


Mohamed Said


Maryam Atef

Office Manager

Dekles Raj


PM. Mathew

Sales Manager

Sameh Reda Elsayad

Assistant Manager

Muhiyudheen Suhail

Marketing Executive

Shaghal Azeem

Marketing Specialist

Glicelle Rose R. Autencio

Executive Secretary

Dev Dath


Ribu Cherian

Sales Associate

Brijesh Chadayan

LegalTech Consultant

Alyash Tubina

External Counsel

Kamal Balhotra

Creative Specialist

Jovel Torres

Front Office

Dhaniel Mathew

Office Assistant

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