We are Kaden Boriss

Kaden Boriss

Kaden Boriss is a specialized firm that provides business strategy among other services in Dubai. Possessing the expertise and resources to work with emerging companies, large multinationals private investors, and government agencies, Kaden Boriss is unique.

Our knowledge of Dubai's laws and regulations guarantees that we are very well positioned to advise you on how best to run your business.

We believe in promoting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, to that end our consultants lead by example. Accessibility and integrity are two of the main pillars of our company philosophy and we only want what's best for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to consistently deliver:

"Quality tax and strategic business advice that sustains our client's growth and professional relationships, underpinned by innovation, accessibility, and collaboration."

At Kaden Boriss, we understand the value of providing practical advice and commercial solutions. We prefer to operate on a "value-for-fees" basis determined for each assignment or project. The strength and quality of our service are built on collaboration (within our team and with our clients), our collective expertise and our enduring commitment to client relationships.


Our business is driven by our four core values:

We strive to stay one step ahead

We believe in a culture of innovation and actively work towards continuous improvement and readiness. Our consultants pride themselves on being thorough with their understanding of their client's business and imbibe new approaches, technologies, and concepts to provide cutting edge counsel.

We are accessible

We try to place ourselves into our client's shoes to understand better the nature of a situation and always remain accessible.

We build confidence

Our team of experts always remains ready to counsel our clients with their knowledge and insights. The confidence that we inspire in our clients, reflects in our success.

We embrace diversity

We believe in an amalgamation of ideas and thoughts from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It helps us to intrinsically cater to a huge clientele drawn from a wide spectrum of regions and cultures from around the globe.

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